Monday, February 06, 2012

9 more weeks did it already get to be 9 weeks until due date for baby #2. I'm not at all prepared for what is about to happen again. Not ready for the no sleeping again and breastfeeding. I am fully prepared though for baby 2 to probably not be the "angel child" that P is. I can honestly say, I feel very fortunate that P is so laid back and easy going. So cooperative and happy (98% of the time). All of this makes me think that baby #2 is probably not going to be so easy. I can always hope that we could be one of the lucky ones that get two easy kids though right??

I'm still running/jogging a few times a week and trying to walk on days I don't run. I have more pressure and uncomfrtableness than I did with P but the doctor says that is very common with the second pregnancy. P's new room is painted and we just got a dresser to put in there and ordered a few things. I plan on moving her into a new room and then having her room (since nothing has changed) be the new nursery. We also caved in a bought a minivan. Never thought I would be one to drive a minivan but they are super practical for little kids.

As for P, she is growing lots and lots. I feel like she says new words everyday. She loves crackers and hot dogs, loves to read books (or have books read to her) and color and loves to go to the park and swing and go down the slides. She also likes sitting on her own chair at the kitchen table with us so we are planning on switching to a booster seat and getting rid of the high chair until baby #2 needs it. Stills loves baths and blowing bubbles and getting water dumped on her head. I feel terrible, as I haven't taken any pictures since xmas of her....will have to change that soon!


cherelli said...

Goodness pregnancies pass quickly in the blogging world!! I hope your last 9 weeks go smoothly and that #2 is just as easygoing as #1 :)

Rebecca Wills said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I was thinking about you earlier today and wondering how your pregnancy was going now that you are in the last trimester. I can't believe that your due date is just 9 weeks away.