Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Getting Sick

As long as P has been around, she has been really healthy. Hardly ever getting sick, only a few times really getting high fevers, really only a few trips to the doctor for sick type things in almost 19 months. Unit this past week. Last Wednesday she had a fever at daycare so I left work to pick her up. No other symptoms for 5 days but an up and down fever. I thought she was done with this virus on Monday so I sent her to daycare hoping she would make it through the day, but no, she ran a fever and had to go get her. Luckily, I had made an appointment for the doctor in the afternoon anyway just because I wanted to double check. Lo and behold, ear infection. First one, which is apparently pretty good at 19 months old.

Monday night antibiotics and yesterday EZ stayed home with her, by the time I got home she seemed pretty good and happy. Very playful in bath and everything. Good deal I thought, maybe I would stay home half a day today with her and then take her in if things were going good. As I laid her down to sleep in her bed she threw up all over the crib. Yikes, she was a bit scared, but ok after I gave her a little water. First thought was the medicine, or just too much milk with running around and guzzling bath water.

An hour later she cried out and I looked on the monitor and she was standing there in her crib, then she roamed around and laid down on the opposite side and I pointed out to EZ it looked like she had thrown up again based on the colorings on her bed. We head up there and holy cow, she had thrown up a couple times, over the side of the crib and in the crib, walked around in it, everything. Man oh man, we got her up, cleaned her up switched the sheets and wiped down as much as we could and she went back to sleep. At 1am she cried out again and everything got repeated as she had thrown up again...clean up, new sheets, pjs, ect.

Luckily that was the last time she did and she hasn't done it again. I spend the morning disinfecting her room and doing lots of laundry. Called in to the daycare and they said there is some stomach bug going around. And I thought to myself, really...she was there for only 6 hours on Monday and somehow picked up this bug.

So after 19 months, we had our real first bout of sickness (besides common colds, ect), ear infection doubled on top with a stomach bug. I still have to remember how lucky we are that it too this long!

Must repeat again...I pray that baby #2 is as great as P! :)

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Rebecca Wills said...

I hope Piper feels better soon.