Monday, August 11, 2008

The Hills are Alive

Somehow I picked up a respiratory bug last week and have been a little sick for about 4 days now. I am starting to feel better, but this sickness didn't time itself well with our trip up to the mountains with the Franks for some cycling on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We stayed in a little cabin out in the woods that was extremely isolated but really peaceful. Here are a couple pictures of the house and its great view.

We chilled on Friday night grilling and chatting and Saturday after we had some interesting pancakes to which Nick basically burned a pancake scramble to the pan we headed to the Parkway. Nick and Eric did there own thing while Jen and I rode out about 17 miles before I told her we should turn around. I was already having issues breathing and coughing and the dry air was making my throat hurt. Jen climbed up the hills much faster than I but she is scared on the downhills so I would then catch back up. It was a fun ride. Here is Jen way up the mountain and then me (this pic was really hard to take while riding), and then a view of the mountains at one of the overlooks.

Back at the house the boys were tired and Nick was all up for some Guitar Hero so Eric and Nick hammered away while Jen took 20 min trying to clean the pancake scramble Nick had left in the pan. I relaxed and read. :)

We slept in again and try for round 2 of Nick's famous Chocolate chip pancakes and they were great on Sunday. We headed out towards Blowing Rock to Moses Cone Park (which is beautiful). Jen needed to do a long run, I did not. So I opted to ride south on the parkway to Grandfather Mountain while the boys did their own ride. Jen did 16 loops around the lake there (it is 1 mile around) then did 2 more with me when I got back (such a stud). We then packed it up and headed home. Here are some pics from my journey on the parkway.

All in all it was a great weekend. I had to nap today (3 hours-remember I am sick) and the cats joined me. After wards I got up and did a few things and went back up. The cats were still in the bed hanging out (yes I was in the middle and I didn't make the bed). This is why we perhaps needed to get a king:

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