Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The First Day of School and the Rain Cometh

School started back up again, not too bad today. I teach 3 Monday/Wed/Fri classes, one at 9, one at 11 and one at 1. I am not a fan of having a one hour break in between my classes though. It just isn't really enough time for me to get focused and get stuff done. Today was Abstract Algebra and two sections of Calc 1. Tomorrow I have an 8am ( early am I have to wake up if I want to work out before class) and at 12:30, both sections are Math for Elementary Ed Majors.

I have been waiting for the sister to post about my visit and see the pictures from my taffy-marshmallow experiment, but she is slacking over there. I also want to see the video of Amelia at the lake taking her first underwater experience!!

We haven't had much rain, as usual here, but yesterday it started and it hasn't stopped yet. I think we are up to 4 or 5 inches and I saw Greensboro has had 7 inches already. Just crazy leftover remnants of Hurricane Fay. But we desperately need it, so bring it on. Oh and as I write this and watch the news there is a tornado about 10 miles from the house. Don't worry mom, it is going away from here and I will stay watching the news in case another one pops up.

Training hasn't been going the greatest...I haven't swam since last Tuesday but have tried the last couple days, this stupid rain/thunder is not helping any, so I have managed to run in what is really 100% humidity with a hat on expecting rain and not once has it actually rained with I was running. Tonight will be a trainer ride and maybe tomorrow I can make it to the pool. I only have two more races since I think Pinehurst isn't going to happen. Looks like I have to be on campus for Parent's weekend. Yes even in college, I have to meet parents like you do in elementary school. :)

I leave you with the Scott family and a huge congrats to the winner (men's) and runner-up (women's) of the Moomer's Mile run-how fast can you eat a pint of ice cream and run a mile-and no the winner of the women's race is not little Amelia!!!

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Where can I sign up for that race...I think that is right up my alley!!