Monday, July 14, 2008

Triangle Triathlon

Bri and I before the start:

A few thoughts about yesterday's events...

(1) How I was 2 min slower on the bike than 2 years ago is beyond me. I didn't think I was that unfit and I thought I pushed the hills pretty hard.

(2) How I was 20 second faster on the run from 2 years ago is even crazier...I know I was running decent back then and I was running slow a month ago. This means I had to admit defeat to eric and tell him that maybe his new run plan is working. (Or maybe that since my bike was slower, I was able to run faster).

(3) For sure, my lack of swimming fitness directly correlates to my feeling terrible on the bike. I need to swim more, even though I hate that I have to. But really-swimming more just means swimming 2x a week and having them be good workouts. We'll see if I can fit that in with ez's new run every day plan. Finding the place to do them is the hard part. But I emailed two swim coaches today about some stuff. We'll see...

(4) I had a terrible swim-probably my worst since starting tri's 4 years ago. This is my own fault having not been swimming hardly at all in the past few weeks.

(4) I suprisingly was only 2nd last elite female. I think the other person though didn't sign up correctly. That is 2 for 2 this year. :) Still-Alysia and I are the only ones to be able to fight for last elite Bri.

(5) I race again on Saturday...yikes. But right now I am the only elite female. If this stays the same, this would me I would win (my category right-I could and probably will still get beat by a few age groupers)...and as Eric pointed out, I would also still be last. :)

(6) Bri knows waaaaaaay to much about Ninja Warriors. Alysia knows how to through a great party-with a fully stocked bar, she was the mixing drink queen.


If the shoe FITZ.... said...

good luck next will be fun to be both first and last!! Have fun!!

BriGaal said...

That is funny about the video! I can't imagine my form was all that good yesterday all things considered. DEFINITELY don't imitate my arm swing!