Friday, July 11, 2008


I got home from my run this morning and turned on the tv. The weather was on, it was 7:15am and this is what it said.

Temp: 75
Dew Point: 67
Humidity: 92

92% at 7:15am. Seriously?


If the shoe FITZ.... said...

yes...seriously!! I have not gotten the diapers yet; perhaps tomorrow. I am looking forward to giving them a try!? Hope all is well for you and EZ. -B

Krista said...

That's what you get for living in the south :P

IM Able said...


Like really?

Good grief, girl. That's crazy.

Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. SO GLAD you tried the chicken! I couldn't believe how simple it was and how quickly that flavor got into the meat.

Anyway, great to 'meet' you and I'll keep checking in to see if you've melted or just turned into a pile of sweat. ;)