Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Triathlon

I actually had a pretty good race this past weekend!

After not doing so hot last weekend I went into this one with the goal to really push myself as hard as I could. I have read a lot of blogs lately about others who are always talking to themselves during the race...focus, push harder, keep your head down, etc... and after talking with Eric, I thought I would give it a try.

To be honest-we had this discussion about how I don't really think about anything when I am racing. I just swim, ride and then run and think about having fun or how much it hurts. :) So I tried a different approach.

The format is quite different-still a sprint tri but split up at 375m swim, 1.5 mile run, 20K bike, 1.5mile run, 375m swim. I took the first swim out hard and fast determined to get on Duncan's feet (he beat me by a minute last week out of the water). I ran into him at the first buoy and I was like sweet, I just need to hang on, and I did. Came out of the water with him and maybe 3 or 4th overall.

Note: As posted before-I was still the ONLY women racing in the open wave-so I was in a wave with all the boys. All of the women started 8 min behind me.

I pushed really hard on the first run and the bike. It was pretty hilly and I manage to pass 2 men!! I was SOOOOO excited about this and I don't know if I have ever passed another guy on the bike (since I usually come out of the water in the front). The second run hurt like hell and I got into the water for my last swim and had left nothing for it. This was the longest 375m EVER! I had no feeling in my arms and couldn't even get my body going. It took me until about half way through to start coming back around and get my head back into it to push hard the last little bit.

I finished and then watched the clock. Three of the women that started 8 min back came in before 8 min had gone by, one only beat me by a few seconds. But the lady that won beat me by 4 min last week managed only 2 minutes this weekend-so I must say that is quite the improvement. And Sarah-who I usually am really close with and who beat me by 2 min back a month ago...I managed to beat her by a minute this time. The power of positive thinking might make a world of difference!

Again-no good pictures. Eric needs to learn how to take some pics at these events.

In other news...we have finally settled on a dining room color and have decided to go with a coffered ceiling and a chair rail but no paneling or beadboard. The painting will be getting done this coming weekend and then I will post a picture!!

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Jennifer Harrison said...

OH yes! I found your blog off Kari M's....and YES YES YES the power of positive thinking is really as powerful as you think! Congrats on your race! :) Jen H.