Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Man Cave

The last night I was up in Michigan with the family we went over to their friends house. THey have the exact same house as my parents do except backwards (you know one of those neighborhoods where you pick the model). Well, they have remodeled their basement to be what is now called the Man Cave. My dad and a bunch of guys play poker there once a month and no joke, this place is amazing.

There is a huge bar/kitchen area with gorgeous marble countertops and they have a whole sound system set up where the computer monitor hangs on the wall and then they can choose their music (from the 12000-yes 12 thousand) songs they have on itunes. There is alos a theater room with a massaging chair which I had to test out! The theater room has two levels, so the people on the top row can see over the people on the bottom, they don't have theater sytle chairs, just nice couches and chairs-very comfortable. The projector scree is definitely the biggest I have ever seen. There is also a temperature controled wine celler (not too big but big enough). These folks are into their wines.

So while we were there they opened up some red wine. I am not a huge wine person, so instead he opens the fridge an asks me what I would like instead. My choices include just about every type of beer/malt liquor possible. So I opted for a margarita. After the first bottle of wine was consumed, they opened a second and then a third, and then a forth. I proceeded to try the peach wine cooler after the margarita. We all just hung out and talked and tried this $100 (VERY small) bottle of Cherry Balsamic Vinegar from Italy they had bought on a recent trip. The vinegar was actually really good. So 5 hours later (11:30pm), we all headed home to pack up as we had to be up at 4:30am to go to the airport.

Anyway, it we ever have a big house and a lot of money, this would definitely be a cool room/floor of the house to copy. Definitely need the massaging chair!!

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