Thursday, February 12, 2015


Well, I am in the middle of week 9/18 of Boston training. It is going well, I finally did less than I was prescribed in a workout Monday when I did 4ez miles instead of 5.  I've been fighting a cold thing for almost a week and I just couldn't do it. I went to the doctor Monday and got some antibiotics and am feeling so much better already!

I'm still running a bit faster than my plan is set for on all runs. So maybe that means I'm secretly training to run 3:25 instead of 3:30 (HA!). I have a feeling that might not last too much longer as I start running more and more and longer and longer. I've done 3x7mile marathon pace runs, and start my first of 3 8mile marathon pace runs today. I'll run 15 this weekend too as my longest run in the plan.

I've also randomly found a few new running people and have been doing some other runs with them. It has been good but different and I definitely miss my runs with just my BRF!  While I don't have any running pictures, I did take this photo of me doing a yoga pose post my interval workout of 6x800m (all around 3:15-3:19) on Tuesday at the track.

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