Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Letting My Kids Dress Me

One of my good friends challenged me to let the kiddos dress me. So I let them pick out my clothes for Sunday. T picked out the top (I want the stripes she said), while P picked out the dark blue skirt and black leggings. I thought they did really well and I totally could have worn this to work. Instead, I was outside with the kids playing in a dressier out fit than I normally would. A couple of my friends told me I copped out by letting them pick a Sunday. To be fair, I did go grocery shopping on Sunday and saw lots of neighbors outside, so it wasn't like I was in the house all day. 
Well, than I decided to try for Monday too. Below you will see what P actually picked out. To be honest, she first picked out the same blue skirt as the day before. I got dressed to take a picture, but I told her I didn't think I could wear the pink skirt along with the pink sweater and pink/orange striped shirt. So she picked out jeans instead, which is actually what I wore to work instead of the skirt. I told EZ that if I was a stay at home mom or had this been the weekend, I would have worn it, but I think because my job is to stand up in front of people all day talking to them, I just couldn't quite do it. Maybe I'll try again this summer for a week! :)

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Jenny said...

:) Didn't realize you'd taken a photo with the pink skirt on too. I'd say that's Pink-a-licious :)