Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Birthday T!

Tatum turned 2 last weekend and we had a very low key birthday party at our house with just kids over and some playing and eating cupcakes.

Stats: 24 lbs- 19th% (this is a huge improvement)
34.25inches-71st% (also a big jump).

She is growing great. Just starting to fit into 24month clothes. Likes to copy exactly what big sister is doing. Starting to use the potty (kind of started doing this at school). Loves blankets and stuffed animals. She is talking really well now, in terms of the amount of words she has and she is fairly understandable. She has had lots of skin issues with the eczema and folliculitus.  They come and go and flare up at different times. I'm hoping now that its turning into summer, the more humid air will help with her skin. To me she is quite funny but also extremely impatient. Lots of throwing things at the table (food, forks, ect). Along with not wanting to share anything she has with P. Good times. She loves the swings and has learned how to lean back to get the swing going. Happy 2nd birthday T!

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