Thursday, August 22, 2013


So yes, I've been running, and running quite a bit. I have been on a mission to really work on base mileage. I did a 4 week block of strong running, then took a week recovery, and am just finishing another 4 week block of high milage (>30 miles a week) with intervals, tempo, hills, long runs, ect thrown in. I've been working on just trying to run more, as in run 6 days a week. And it seems to be getting easier.

On the agenda is a 10K at the end of September and that's it. I've been contemplating a half marathon in November/December but haven't decided and then marathon in March. It seemed so far away when I signed up and for some reason I feel like it is actually kind of close...but really I think it's because training is what is coming up, as in the training plan starts in November.

Either way, I think the 4 week block, recovery week is doing me good. I'll stick with it I think for awhile and keep seeing how it goes.

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