Monday, August 19, 2013

T-16 Months

T is starting to talk more, try to mimick sounds. She is really good at a few words. Dada, Elmo, Dog, teddy, she can say mama but doesn't necessarily say it to me. She does to a lot of animal sounds. She can do dog, cat, lion, sheep pretty good. She is finally starting to get into books. Like read the same book over and over again. She loves just about any food we give her (except tomatoes) and she eats like a champ.

Other notable things-loves swinging (so did P and still does), loves blankets and stuffed animals. She is definitely a blanket baby and would carry one around all the time if she could. She copies whatever P is doing and the two of them together can turn into serious drama.

She can fit into some 9 month clothes still (yikes) but we've started pulling out some 18month clothes too. She seems to be filling out a bit finally which is probably good.

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