Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I have a lot of goals, for all areas of life. Before we had kids, EZ and I sat down and made goal lists for ourselves. We had different categories and different time frame-5 year/10 year, ect. Kids do change a lot about your life. I don't have time to do a lot of things. In fact I sometimes wonder what I/we did with all my time before kids. I do remember writing down a few specific running/sport related goals.

Goal #1: Break 22 min in a 5K. And I can now say I have checked something off that list. I have had a PR of 22:08 for so long, that it was something I felt I knew I could do.

Goal #2: Run the Boston Marathon.

That means I must qualify...and so I signed up to run a marathon. It's still a ways away-March 16th, 2014. I will put my heart into training for the 4 months leading up to the race to see if I can do it. (I will need to break 3:40). And if WHEN I do, I will run Boston in 2015.

Goal #3: Finish an Ironman. Umm...yeah. Here in the Zack world, I need to focus on one goal at a time. So this goal will wait. But I don't think for too long. Thinking Fall 2014/2015.

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