Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Sickness Sickness Go Away

On Friday it will be 4 weeks since Tatum first got sick. She now has bronchitis and 1.5 ear infections. (i.e. 1 ear infection and the other one was on its way). This poor girl has been through so much. Oh and P was on antibiotics too for upper respiratory infection, but that ended last week and now she has a stomach bug that started with throwing up (only once) last Sat night and she has had diarrhea since then (so 4 1/2 days). Lets just say EZ and I are just waiting for the day when everyone is healthy in the house.

I got pretty sick too with some sort of chest infection, it was really rough and I am finally feeling better. I had planned on running a 5K next weekend to take a first attempt at my goal of breaking 22 minutes, but after not running for a bit with T in the hospital then not running for a bit because I was really sick, I'm not sure I am going to run in. Perhaps wait a few more weeks and try. I'm not sure.

All the sickness has meant a lot of days of staying home with kids and not getting work done. For me, it has meant a lot of stress added to my job. It isn't like I can just not teach the material at all. There is a time limit and a deadline to my semesters (which end in less than 3 weeks). I know for sure my teaching has definitely suffered and I will just have to brace for not the best of evaluations this semester. I keep thinking, I just need to make it to the end of the semester and things will be a little calmer, but then I remember that my application for tenure and promotion is due the first week of June which means for me, May will be spend putting that together.

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