Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hospital Visit

The last time I posted about T I said she has a double ear infection. Little did we all know (the day that got posted) we would be heading to the hospital.

T spiked a fever of 105 and was so labored with her breathing, this was about 9:45pm Wed 3/13 at night. I went to the ER and we probably waited no more than a few minutes total (CRAZY) and were back in a room so fast. Everything happened really quickly, lots of swabs and chest x-ray, by about midnight they told me it was pneumonia and pretty bad-this meant a lot of it and in both lungs. Her oxygen levels were low (80's) and her heartrate was so high (200 bpm) We were admitted to a room in the pediatric ward of the hospital and were there 4 1/2 days.

She was oxygen and antibiotics, basically slept a lot. She refused the crib they had, so we had to lay in bed with her all day/night, make sure she didn't try to crawl off, ect. EZ got pink eye during all of this and wasn't allowed to come for a couple of days. T was a trooper though. She did however loose a lot of weight. she only weighted 17lbs before all of this and was down to 14.5 last Thursday at her checkup. She's finally eating at about 90/95% of what she was before so we are doing much much better. But she just looks really thin. I can only imagine when I go back in less than 2 weeks for her 1 year that she will be off the charts on weight percentile since she was already in like the 10th% as it was. Poor girl. She is still fitting really loosly in 9month clothes. Totally caught up to P on that one. (P weighed 19.8 lbs at her 1 year.)

She looks so happy here:

She has become a paci baby which she never really took one before! This was after we got the oxygen out

Must give a huge thanks to my in-laws for coming down for a week to help out withe everything!

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BriGaal said...

I hope Tatum is feeling great now and she eats a lot! I also hope that you're caught up on sleep, as when Logan was in the hospital at 3 months that was the worst! And the alarm on the oxygen monitor...ugh!