Wednesday, March 13, 2013

T-11 Months

I know I am a week late, and I had really good intentions of posting this. But T got sick for like the first time, and she has pretty much been out of commission since Saturday. The doctor said Sat she had a double ear infection, and it's now Wednesday and she is still a cranky mess. P also has some sort of cold too. I was on spring break last week but we've had to keep the kids home every day this week which has made it a bit stressful for me and getting all my work done.

Anyway, here she is at 11 months-the day before the fever struck!

These were taken in the morning and that night after bath, EZ brought her down and got her ready and put her on the floor to make her bottle (which takes maybe 2 min) and this is what happened. This should have been a sign of what was to come:

Poor girl...she pepped up a little bit the other day and enjoyed some home time with EZ:

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