Thursday, September 06, 2012

Ice Cream

For those of you who don't know, I have a seriously ice cream addiction. At some points in our house we might have over 12 half gallons of ice cream in our freezer or deep freezer. Yes, it is a problem. I have always loved ice cream, then I got EZ on board and now he has somewhat of an addiction too.

A couple weeks ago while I was eating my second bowl of ice cream for the evening (yes, sometimes I have two....and so does EZ) I said that I think I have a problem. And EZ agreed with me that yes I did, but so did he. :) So we decided we would try together to not eat ice cream every night.

There is no way we could do this challenge unless it was together meaning we would stop buying ice cream at the store! Yikes! We also both realized that while we might not eat ice cream every night, we knew that we would just replace it with another snack. We thought that would be fine, maybe get some varied sweetness in.

We finally ran out of ice cream a few nights ago. But we have kind of been trying new snacks out too on some nights, like pirate booty or chips or for me I pop my own popcorn and use Wildtree's simply sweet seasoning to make my own kettle corn. Last night though my air popper died, so I resorted to popping my popcorn on the stove which took a while. Then of course I had lots of dishes to do.

After all was said and done, yes I did enjoy my popcorn...but the hassle of popping my own and cleaning up all the dishes I don't think is worth the easiness of having a bowl of ice cream. I have an extremely brief conversation about this with EZ where we both agree and decide our not buying ice cream days are done. We will once again be stocking up our fridge this weekend!


cherelli said...'s been 3 weeks for me and I'm getting a serious mocha almond fudge ice cream craving...good luck jumping off that wagon!!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, this post just made my night! I totally did not see that last paragraph coming. :) Enjoy your ice cream, you earn it every day!