Friday, June 10, 2011

GF Bread

I haven't ventured out too much in the realm of GF baking but I finally got my act together and went out and found some of the products I needed and found an awesome bread recipe here.

What I loved about this recipe is that you can make it into whatever you want. She has a basic bread recipe with a liquid amount that could be anything you want. She also gives some suggestions. I first tried this bread as a blueberry lemon bread and it was yummy. It just so happens when you buy a can of coconut milk (which she recommends in the recipe), it will leave you enough for another loaf. So I then tried this bread a banana peanut butter chocolate chip and it was good too. EZ liked them too. While they were a little more dense and crumbly, they were both still super moist and had great flavor.

I am super thrilled about this recipe as it leaves me with lots of possibilities and I used Bob's Red Mill GF flour since I couldn't find some of the specialty ones she talked about if you want to use your own, and it was super easy to make. And you can turn them into muffins if you want to. What a great recipe! Will be making this one again and again. Once my zucchini come in in the garden, I think a zucchini chocolate chip one will be in order!


cherelli said...

Blueberry-lemon bread - wowee, I'm salivating at the thought! Thanks for putting up the link :) I wonder if carrot-choc chip is possible - or too gross? Hmmm. I'm loving coconut milk lately - So Nice now makes a drinking one, costs about the same as other milks (soy, almond) which is great.

Krista said...

This is the same website I made the deep dish pizza from and it was so good! I think I'll make banana bread today since it is rainy :)

Brittany @ Real Sustenance said...

I literally JUST noticed that you mentioned my recipe! Thank you SO much for trying it and giving such sweet feedback. It was a fun recipe to develop!
THanks Again!!
xo- Brittany