Monday, June 06, 2011


We have had some fun times over the last week or so with little P. First up, we have decided that the playground is lots of fun. Loves climbing around on the contraptions, crawling through tunnels and loves going down the slides, even the fast ones!

We also have been heading up to the pool now that it is open. And wow, she loves the water. It is so cute to watch. She runs all through the spraying dragon and plays with the water sprouting up from the ground and actually likes putting her face in the water. She actually tries to swim which is so cute. I just hold her on her belly as she moves her arms and legs and puts her face in and takes it out. It is a lot of fun watching her take on the water.

We got the bike trailer hooked up to EZ's old mountain bike. I went on a 5 mile bike ride this morning with her and she seemed to do ok. I did stop half way through to go to the playground for a little bit. She doesn't seem to like it as much as the jogging stroller. At least not yet. Here are just a few photos. (Sorry we don't have any from the pool we have forgotten the camera each time we head up there).

Trying on the bike helmet

Very into Climbing on things

Fun crawling through the tunnel

Oh, and for updating milestone purposes...We are now able to standup to walk without holding on to anything. And as for words, EZ and I think she says dada and means it. (Although she calls other things dada). She does try to say "kitty" when she sees the cats, and in the past week she also has been trying to say her own name, but she just does the "p" sound. We think she has also said "ba" a couple times for ball. Sadly she doesn't show much interest in saying "mama".

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Rebecca DeWire said...

Piper sounds like she really loves the water. And I love the pic with the bike helmet (Adelaide has the same yellow outfit).