Friday, June 17, 2011

Getting Sick

Piper picked up a stomach virus over a week ago. Although she never had a fever or anything, just straight up poop everywhere for a week. For the first few days we thought it was the fact that we were mixing formulas to try a new formula, so we stopped but the poop did not. We gave up the cloth diapers after a couple days (so sorry to EZ for he dealt with most of those) and switch to just disposables until it passed.

It was so bad we were doing a load of laundry a day just to keep up with all the sets of sheets we were having to change after diaper explosions during naps and to wash towels from taking a few baths a day just to get the mess cleaned off her. Fun times. Worst up was the explosion while sitting in her highchair eating. There was no where for the poop to go but up her back and she ended up sitting in a pile of gooey poo. Oh good times.

I think we are done with it now, we are back on eating somewhat normally again and not refusing food which is good. And she seems much happier. I will say, I think she is getting ready to get a couple new teeth too (FINALLY, she still only has the two bottom ones).

Some other still only two teeth. Still not really saying any words but will sometimes repeat mama or dada but definitely doesn't say mama or dada to either of us specifically. She does do a lot of babbling and pointing at things. And she will point or look at things if you ask her where certain things are like the fan or clock or belly button. She also knows a lot of her toy names, like ball and Winnie the Pooh Bear, ect. I have worked for 5 months on trying to get her to wave but she wont do it. Oh well. In due time right!

In other news, we bought a fancy new camera! It just came and here are a few photos from the other day:


Krista said...

Love the pix - her hair has gotten so light! What kind of camera did you end up getting?

Alili said...

Poor Piper! (and of course poor mom and dad for having to deal with so much poop!) Glad she is feeling better.