Sunday, May 08, 2011


I know I posted last time that APZ had taken her first steps. I am a bit behind on updating, so I thought I would show a progression of her getting up to the walking stage over the past month.

On April 1st, she decided to use the kitchen stools for the first time as a walker around the house so we took a little video:

She progressively got better and better using the stools and then we remembered we had a little car things from my sister and so we brought that out and she got the hang of it pretty quick, even turning it around to use it in the reverse direction:

Lastly, Piper just in the past couple days has really started just walking around. She was in an extremely good mood tonight and we kept trying to take the following video because she was walking and then falling into the pillows. But of course, as soon as we started to take a video, she started falling every couple feet because she was so hyper and giggly. Eventually we got a pretty good one:


Alicia Parr said...

Amazing! What an early walker. An athlete to be for sure!

Rebecca Wills said...

Go Piper! I love the second video clip. She's moving so quickly that it seems like the video is playing in fast motion.