Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Running/Biking Update

Yes I have been running. More and more lately. In fact, I bought a pair of these:

(the Nike Free Runs +2).

I started out doing 2 miles at the end of a run every other run. I am now doing my 4 mile runs in them 2x per week. Total last week: 30 miles total and 10 of them in the frees (2 4 milers and then a 2 mile hard effort at the end of a 5 mile run).

What do I think so far...well I like them so much better than flats or lightweight trainers. For some reason these just feel better on my feet, more free. :) Just much more flexibility in them and I like that.

My knee pain came back last Sunday at the end of my long run. Was planning on going 11 miles but around 9 my knee started hurting so I only did 10 1/2. I don't know if I am running too much in the frees or not, it is hard to say. I had knee pain before, so really it hasn't changed. But I am hitting the most miles I have run since pre baby so maybe it is just me trying to catch up. Or maybe I need to stretch more....A LOT more. I go for my runs and don't have much time to stretch with Piper...or maybe that is my excuse. And then I run around after her all day or pick her up and carry her around all of which probably doesn't help with tightness. Maybe some biking would help.

Which leads me to a goal this summer has been to get my act together and buy a new bike. Or rather another bike. I would like to bike a little this summer towing Piper around and the carbon cervelo soloist isn't really the bike for that. So I have been looking at bikes on the internet. I don't really want anything fancy, but something that rides well (hybrid perhaps). Just planning on cruzing around the neighborhood, no major roads. EZ and I seem to disagree as to which is safer-pulling PZ behind in a trailer or having her in a seat hitched to the bike. Anyone want to weigh in?


Rebecca DeWire said...

Nice job on the running. Have you seen an ART practitioner for your knee pain? If not, I would totally recommend finding a good one and seeing if that helps. ART (the 2nd ART guy I saw)has really helped me.

Scott and I are both interested in a reduced running shoe, so thanks for sharing your feedback on the Nike free.

Life on the Cremona said...

yeah seriously great job at running! do you push piper for those long runs?

when i was doing some research on bike stuff i read that some people didn't like the seat attachment because it's not comfortable for the child if she falls asleep. and with the tow, you would have to get one that hinged, because i read some that if you needed to stop it's very difficult otherwise (espcially if your bike doesn't have a kickstand). our neighbors have a tow and we borrow it often. i like that it can fit two babies but i can't really see her when i ride.

Krista said...

You already know we have a trailer - and LOVE it for so many reasons!
1. Cargo room - Amelia can have toys and snacks/drinks readily available. Plus we can bike to the store or beach and have room to carry everything.
2. Safety - she is strapped in with a rigid frame surrounding her. If heaven forbid I crash my bike she is better protected. Plus she wears a helmet.
3. Element protection - I can still take her biking if it is windy or rainy since there is a weather shield. Plus she gets good airflow when it is just the screen.

I don't find it any more difficult to maneuver, although obviously it is heavier. I think it pulls pretty smoothly though. We have a quick release to hook it up to the bikes, so it goes pretty quick and folds down easily. Amelia loves riding in it and frequently will fall asleep on longer rides. If you want to test ours out when you come up, you are more than welcome to.

Alili said...

Wow - great job on the running! J and I are looking at trailers and seats for G-man right now...I think we're going to end up with the Burley Bee...the 20% coupon that came in the mail from REI made our minds up. :)