Friday, May 20, 2011

Going GF

It has been a few months now of eating gluten free and it really hasn't been that bad. I miss many of the dessert type things, cookies and cake but that is about it. I will say that I had a major dumb moment the other week...

I was at the Jimmy Buffett concert and the amphitheater where it is at only serves wine and beer, so they make their margaritas with wine (and a little at that). One of the people there had bought one which was pretty pricey and said it wasn't all that great. So I thought, well I guess I will just get a beer. Totally had a brain collapse as I really don't ever drink beer since I am not a big fan of it, so I typically order wine or mixed drinks. See, when I started gluten free, I knew I could no longer drink beer and I thought, alright, no big deal, I don't drink it anyway.

I will say I didn't have a bad immediate reaction, typically stomach stuff. But about 24-36 hours later it wasn't too great. So now I know maybe the type of reaction I might have in the future if I consume gluten after not eating it.

I have found lots of good and yummy things that are gluten free though. Here are just a few of them:

While I was out in California in March, I found these chips:

OMG they are so awesome. So I got online since I couldn't find them here in my stores and ordered a whole box of them (I have already run out so I will need to order another!):

This brand also makes an awesome multigrain chip/cracker that is really good too and Costco sells them in the super size bag which is wonderful!

Lastly, the other week we tested out Betty Crocker's GF cake mix which was pretty good. It was a little dense and tasted a little like pound cake but that was ok. Then I found this recipe that uses the cake mix for banana bread and wow, it was so good! Totally tasted like my banana bread that I used to make that I loved. Really excited that it was that good. They also have a recipe for blueberry muffins using the cake mix and cornmeal that I want to try too.


Tyler Jorgenson said...

I'm a big fan of gluten free, although haven't fully converted the whole family over yet. I'm really strict on it, it's more of a 'low gluten' thing. I have also been looking at Paleo diet and 'Slow Carb'. I actually am promoting a vitamin to help people doing these diets. If you want a sample let me know and I’ll send you a 30 day supply.

Jenny said...

That banana bread was really yummy!