Monday, January 17, 2011


This blog started out as a triathlon blog which has turned into a Piper blog. I thought it would be nice to come back and talk a little about my training.

I have been running a little since Piper has been born but nothing too dramatic and not fast. I have lost all of my pregnancy weight but still feel very heavy and sluggish running. My knee pain is still there so I guess I have to really work at keeping it under control. I though maybe things would be better after all that time off. I really wanted to run some more races this year and I looked into lots of different marathons/half marathons. I felt like a marathon was a little out of reach right now so I decided to train for a half. It isn't too much time commitment and I thought my knee could hold up.

I signed up for the Tobacco Trail 1/2 Marathon towards the end of March. I picked this one because this happens to be close to where we lived before moving to Burlington and I ran most of my runs on this trail, especially when I was training for the marathon I did back in 2006. I feel like I am honoring the place that treated me so well for the 3 years we lived in Apex and I loved running on that trail.

Currently my long runs are only 6 miles, but that is ok. I have no goal for this race but to run the whole race hopefully with no pain.

Then I plan on running another half marathon with my sister and dad in honor of my mom something later this year (tentatively June). It feels good to getting back to some sort of resemblance of my former athletic self.


Alicia Parr said...

Hope the training goes well. I remember that it seemed like a long time before the relaxin was out of my body and my ligaments were back to normal. I'd imagine that's what the knee issues are about. I seem to remember having something similar going on. You'll be glad later that you built yourself back gradually.

Emily said...

If you wind up trying to get a bib for Bayshore let me know!