Thursday, January 06, 2011


We decided that a trip to California was in order to celebrate my mom's passing. So my dad and my sister and her family and all of us headed back to Cali for a nice mini vaca. It was a whirlwind of a vacation though as I wanted to see a few of my friends from high school.

Piper did great on the plane both ways and adjusting to the time difference and she was a trooper being moved from place to place. I only hope that now that we are finally back after 2 weeks of trips, we can get back into a routine.

Our first night in CA was a trip to one of my mom's (and my) favorite restaurants overlooking the ocean in La Jolla. Our whole family met there to eat on the terrace (it was freezing too) and celebrate. Then a trip down to the ocean where my dad walked into the water and to pour my moms ashes in. He got pummeled by a wave while doing so which was quite fitting. We then set off a wish lantern into the sky as well. It was a nice wonderful evening celebrating my mom's life.

Here is my dad in the ocean (sorry the picture quality is poor as it was pitch black out):

And my dad and Amelia watching the lantern go up in the sky:

The next morning, we had a mini swimming reunion of my closest group of friends. 5 of us with our families and it was a great time. Monica and Sumner were kind enough to let us crash at their house and hang out for a while and Tenley and Piper had fun too:

Mommy and daughter:

After a quick stop to see my old coach and our old neighborhood, we headed up to my grandparents house and settled in for the night. Just one night though before heading out to Palm Springs area for a few days since we had a condo out there too for all of us to stay at.

We spent a day a Joshua Tree NP (more on that in another post) which was great and very cold (even snowed coming home that night at dinner) and a day at a place called the Living Desert (like a zoo) and then back to the grandparents house to help get it all cleaned up and ready to go for them. They arrived that afternoon and we we got to spend just a few short hours with them before one last trip to my good friend Matt's house to watch Arkansas lose to Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. Then we flew back home. What a whirlwind trip it was but a great time too.

Here is Amelia being a great fun cousin with Piper. She was constantly making Piper laugh!

And here is Miss P having fun:

Last but not least...Piper and Grandpapa:

What a wonderful trip!

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Alicia Parr said...

Cute pictures! Piper and all the other little ones are so precious.

On a different note, I love the idea of having a ceremonial spreading of the ashes into the ocean. Plus, the metaphorical significance of the rough ocean while doing so highlights the far too sudden and far too early departure of your mother from your family's lives.