Sunday, March 14, 2010


Green is such a hard color to pick for a room to paint. There are like a million shades of green out there. It took us months before we decided on a green/yellow color for our living room. And we debated back and forth as to what color to paint the nursery. I didn't want pink that is all I knew. And EZ said he didn't want to have to paint the room again-meaning in case we have a second child and it is a boy we wanted something neutral enough. So green was decided.

At first I wanted to do an accent wall a different color-pink/purple/yellow. Then I wanted to do 2 walls opposite colors. Then maybe put in a chair rail and do the top half one color and the bottom half another. Then I got an idea for a stripe around the room-just one. And it was going to just be one color-pink/purple/yellow. That way if there is a second and it is a boy we could just change the stripe. Then my mom suggested brown. And so that is where I ended up...the room is green and we are going to do either a big brown stripe with a little pink stripe inside of it, or a brown stripe with a pink stripe on top of it. Something like that. Either way, I am glad we got the room finally painted yesterday which didn't take too long and now it is on to pick out the right color brown and pink and decide where and what type of stripe to make. Once we finish, I will post pics.

BZ is moving around a bit and this morning as I was laying in bed I could feel her with my hand so I told EZ and he got to feel a little kick or something. I am doing great otherwise and have no complaints other than the fact that my week off from teaching for spring break ends today and will be heading back to work tomorrow.

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