Sunday, November 22, 2009


We finally bought some trees and got them planted in the yard this weekend. I say "we", where really, I helped pick them out and EZ dug the holes and planted them. Oh and I helped decide where they would go. Our neighborhood (for those of you that don't know) is one of those new neighborhoods, where they clear out everything and then build the houses. So for two years now we have been living here with a beautiful view of a lot of of neighbors yards and houses. We also have a lot of just empty yard space which looks odd. So we bought a few trees to beautify our yard.

We planted a purple leaf plum and a flowering cherry tree in the front yard space (one on each side) and then a red maple in the bad for some shade and privacy when we will be on the deck and then a holly tree on the other side where we hope it will provide some type of screen when we sit on the patio. Right now the trees are maybe 10ft tall but no leaves no since it is almost winter, but we are hoping that they stay in and take root and will begin to bloom next year. I meant to take pictures today but it started to rain so i wasn't able to get outside to do it.

Only two days of work and then of to the beach for a nice mini vacation!!

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