Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Beach

EZ and I headed to Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving this year. Mostly because EZ wanted to just get away from the house. He was sick of all the things he had to do around the house and so we packed up and drove to the beach Wed afternoon. It was quite different being somewhere for Thanksgiving. We celebrated by going to Medieval Times, which was a unique experience.

We spent our time doing some shopping and putt-putt and go kart racing, along with some nice walking on the beach and the marsh walk and lot of food and football. Too bad Arkansas didn't pull out the win last night against LSU. I am really excited about our team for next year as we have a very young football team.

It was quite chilly at the beach and to our surprise today when we got home it was beautiful and warm and sunny! EZ was able to finish up a few of the outdoorsy stuff that still needed to be done. Maybe next weekend we will go out and buy our tree and do some decorating.

I did manage to finish reading The Picture of Dorian Gray and I really liked it. Very interesting story and it was extremely captivating. I also listened to Marley and Me in the car which was a nice fluffy book that made me cry, but even though I am not a dog lover, I would still recommend the book to anyone who has pets. Alright, off to finish some work.


Life on the Cremona said...

sounds like a nice mini-vacay!

decided to get the h1n1 after all the doctors in sumner's family told me that it'd be better during delivery if i didn't have the flu. i got the really washed out shot (not the nasal one) so we'll see if i mutate in 10 years or not. ugh, it was such a hard choice!!!

Rebecca DeWire said...

It sounds like you guys had fun in Myrtle Beach. I can totally relate to the never ending house projects and it is really hard to relax when you see unfinished projects all the time.