Monday, February 04, 2008

Slowly but surely...

We took the 46 inch tv back and got the 40 and it looks so much better in the room. We spent all of Saturday furniture shopping and ordered an entertainment center for the tv. We also managed to find a table we think we really like and a sofa and love seat too. But didn't order them. I think we managed to hit 6 furniture stores on Saturday. I think we are on the right track though, finally finding things we both like and think would look good.

Eric managed to hang some more blinds up and we only have a few left to hang! He also got the two mountain bikes up off the garage floor, hanging from the ceiling now to open up some more space and bought a miter saw and a bunch of lumber to build some shelves in the garage.

It was so nice yesterday, I convinced Eric to go out on a 20mile ride outside. I think I got spoiled living in Apex, as most loops I did leaving my house were downhill/rolling the first 8+ miles, and now leaving our neighborhood we hit a monstrous hill 2.5 miles out, which I am not warmed up and ready to get out of the saddle to hurt. Not fun. Maybe it will make me better on the hills though! :)

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Krista said...

Man - we were looking forward to the big tv when we visit!