Monday, January 28, 2008

The big TV

We spent the weekend doing tons of stuff. We finished "decorating" the guest room by hanging a big picture and curtains (which totally make the room look not as bright), and have it all set up for the Wed night arrival of the in-laws. We made a few trips to Bed Bath and Beyond and Target to find the perfect matching towels for the bathroom and think we have them...don't know though and hung one picture in the bathroom...I post some pics soon...

Then we decided to buy the big tv...and I mean big. Maybe too big...We bought a 46inch LCD flat panel tv to hang on the wall downstairs yesterday and then watched a movie last night on it...which holy cow I thought I was at the movie theater. But it just seems so big in the room. We are thinking about taking it back to go with the 40inch. The problem is we want this specific Sony tv and sony doesn't make a 42inch one. We'll spend a few more days with it and see if it really is too big. And it probably doesn't help that we don't have a big console for it and don't have it on the wall yet! :) Oh least we have a great tv for the Superbowl next weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I love it when home issues are over how big a TV should be!!!!!! :) I ad a similar issue, but over how big a plant I should buy......haha!