Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I know...

Yes, yes, it has been awhile, so here is a little update:

We spent a little over a week visiting family for xmas and it was a lot of fun but extremely exhausting. We even came back a day early because we were just so tired from being gone so long and for driving way too much. I am super excited that we are not traveling for xmas this coming year!

We got back and I was home for a couple days before I flew to San Diego for 6 days for a math conference and also a couple days vacation to see some friends. I had a great time visiting my friends I haven't seen in forever, it has been 3-5 years since I have seen them and it was great to catch up. Then I spent 4 days downtown at the conference interviewing people for the new position at HPU. It was quite different being on this side of the interviewing table, but a good experience. I got really sick the last day and spent the next week once I got back recovering.

We managed to paint two rooms over the weekend! So now we have two rooms not builder beige!! Eric and I both agreed on this yellow color for the guest bedroom, well I went and ordered it and got it in a semi-gloss....I think it was the wrong decision. I think the flat paint would have been better, right now in the bedroom if the sun is shining in there is this massive glare off the walls, and it is really yellow. :) I think maybe putting a headboard in their and hanging some paintings and some dark curtains will help, but I blame myself for getting the semi-gloss.

THe bathroom however looks like I picked a great color. I will really know tomorrow after we put the bathroom back together, hanging the shower curtain, and putting the lighting back in and the mirror and so on, but I think the color is great.

The other really exciting news is Eric and I have decided to take a vacation this year and are going to go to Peru! There is no backing out now since we booked our reservation with a guide to hike part of the Inca Trail (to Machu Picchu) for 4 days as part of our trip. Now we are trying to plan out the days around the hike and get the best deals on flights!

That is all the news for now...no new furniture or anything like that, and we have plenty of visitors coming starting next week with the in-laws, followed by Eric's brother and all 3 kids, followed by my sister and Ethan and little Amelia...should be a busy month and a half...

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Krista said...

You're one to talk about it being too long since we posted missie!