Monday, December 03, 2007

Videos and such

OK...I have spent the past few hours (as I work at my desk) trying to upload the videos to my last blog...still somehow every time I do it and it says it has loaded (which takes forever), I load the blog again and the video isn't there....

I will keep working at it!

On another note: we went out Friday and got our Christmas tree!!! Spent Saturday morning decorating, then went out furniture shopping...and we bought a chair! Yes, one chair (and an ottoman). We have decided to design our whole living room around this we are not crazy! :) We (or maybe I) just really liked this chair so we just bit the bullet and will worry about the couch and love seat next!

I don't have my camera cord with me right now, but will post pictures in a day or so!

My rant for the day is the BCS....first of all I am super excited that both WV and Missouri lost but what in the world is happening with Kanas gets a BCS bid over Missouri who lost 2x BOTH to Oklahoma...who has Kansas played???? I really hope (and expect) that VT will blow them out! The flip side of this is that Missouri now is going to the Cotton Bowl and playing of all teams, Arkansas. Right now at Arkansas Houston Nutt is leaving and taking almost all of his coaches to Ole Miss and apparently is going to be there for a week...Is Arkansas even going to be ready to play Missouri, and if so won't they be highly distracted by the fact that they whole coaching staff is leaving! I don't know, I think Missouri got screwed, and then Arkansas got screwed as well. There is always hope for the upset though! And Mark May really makes me mad and his whole Tim Tebow talk...DMac is the best player in the country. People talk about it all over the place and he has a couple bad games, one in which he was playing injured...

OK...don't ranting, I will just keep going if I don't stop now. :)

We also decorated the front of our house with Christmas lights, and I must say it is pretty freaking awesome! :) At least I think so, it took us forever to wrap our columns in ribbon and lights, but it was well worth it....picture to come in a day...I will hold you all in suspense until then! And maybe by then I can figure out this video thing!

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