Monday, October 22, 2007


We are finally moved in to our new house!!!!! After a quick trip to Hilton Head with the parents we came back, closed on the house and then Friday night pack up the U-Haul and moved out! We got to the house close to 11pm and we just unloaded a few things (i.e. the bed), showered and went to bed. Woke up early the next morning and unloaded the truck with some help and started getting settled in. Although I made a drive back to Raleigh for a baby shower that afternoon while Eric went back to the apartment to clean (I definitely got the better deal!). We passed out early Friday night and spent Sunday unpacking boxes and putting furniture in the right places.

This house is huge! Eric and I get tired just walking from one part to the other! The cats meanwhile are getting lost, crying out at times and waiting for you to answer so they can come find you. The house makes our apartment look crazy small as half of our rooms are completely empty since we don't have furniture to put in them. All that is in our bonus room is the computer which is sitting on the floor! Our dining room has been our place to collect all the empty boxes. :) Oh well, give me some time and I will buy some furniture!

Sorry, no pictures today of the house, will get some taken this week and post them soon, we have just been way too tired from moving!!

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