Friday, July 27, 2007


Well, it has been an eventful week. Last weekend, Eric and I went up to Maryland for a wedding on the beach. It was really great. They did an amazing job with all the details like having our namecards on shells, and the centerpieces were vases filled with shells water and floating candles, the programs were fans that spread out like a shell, and the favors were flip-flops. All very beachy, so cute! The couple is very athletic and had what they called a "Games Over 5K" which Eric and I ran in the morning of the wedding. There was also a softball game after the run, but Eric and I choose to go out to lunch on the water and then watch the Tour before the wedding. All in all, it was a really nice wedding and a great location.

Eric and I had our pre-dry wall meeting with the builder on Wednesday. Everything is going well. They had a few more things to fix before they start drywalling, but nothing major. They still say our closing date is October 11, but are hoping that they might have it finished the end of September. Here are some pictures of the outside: (the inside isn't that interesting-just all the framework...once cabinets and stuff go in, then I put up some of those pic)

Our door will eventually be painted (forest green) and the rest of the lighter colored tanish shingles in the front were on back order so that is why that isn't complete yet. You can also see that they have put the deck on the back which is nice.

Anyway, I headed out to High Point yesterday and got all set up. Got the ID, parking permit, office keys, books, ect. The campus is so nice, with the music playing and the snack kiosk with the free drinks and snacks (yesterday it was oreos and apples). I am getting excited about the new job and getting into the house. Not too much longer now! Other news-I am heading off to California (San Jose) on Tuesday for a week for a math conference. I am not sure what to expect, should be interesting and hopefully I will learn some good stuff. Other than that, just keeping busy with the Tour (can't stand all the doping scandals-makes me think that noone on the entire tour is riding clean) and just finished Harry Potter-oh it was so good! Now I have to start lesson planning for the upcoming year!

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Anonymous said...

House looks great! Do you have a basement?? I'm having fun picking out our plants and "gardening" in our yard now. Our patio just got finished....I'll send pics soon. We're going to put in some sod too. I just finished HP as well. :) But you're much more motivated than I am about lesson planning....haha.