Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Michigan and the little aquathon

I just finished teaching summer school and pack up the car and drove up to Michigan for the next two weeks. The first day here I went out for a 6 mile run and felt amazing...wow no humidity makes a world of difference in the crisp air. No asthma problems whatsoever! After that I headed over to the Buick Open for 6 plus hours of walking and cheering on my friend who is on a streak of some great golf! He played very well with the exception of a couple holes, but I am so happy that he has finally put his golf game together. He has inspired me to try and take up golf and I just bought a set of clubs and am currently working on my swing.

I spent the weekend at my parents with Eric and my sister, Ethan and little Amelia. She is so cute and is a very good baby. She is a bit fussy, but otherwise is happy and smiles a bunch. Maybe by the end of my two weeks up here she will be smiling some more. I took some pictures, but Eric took the camera home with him.

Then on Sunday, I decided last minute to do a short aquathon 20 min from my parents house. We drove over not too early and I got set up. Very small and laid back race put on in Howell, maybe 50+ people. I haven't race but the half ironman this year, so really no speed whatsoever, and I have only swam maybe 5 times in the past 6 weeks, but hey we'll see how it goes.

The first 1.2 mile run was alright, I kept within a minute of the lead women and I jumped in to the 2 loop 750meter swim feeling a bit tired. It went ok, I didn't really have any speed swimming, just cruzing a long. I did pass all the women in the water and Eric said I had about a 30 sec lead after the swim. I headed out onto the second run after putting on my shorts (since I didn't have a race belt and had to have my number on), and started running. With maybe 1/4 mile to go I got passed by a girl (18 years old) and maybe a min later got passed by another (15 years old), yeah... so impressed that the 15 year old didn't even tie her shoes!! But niether of them had a race number on....

I finished third, 20 seconds behind the leader and 10 seconds behind second...now had this truely been run under the right rules I technically won, since both girls should have been penalized for not having a race number, especially since it was a USAT sanctioned event. But since they claimed it was a low key event for beginners, they didn't penalize anyone. I at least feel good about myself that I chose to put on my shorts so I raced cleanly. I did get a nice coffee mug and a mesh laundry type bag, so that was pretty sweet. And I did finally got to do something fast or at least try too. Still trying to fit in another race while I am up here, we'll see if I can.

Now I am up in Traverse City hanging out with the Scotts...helping take some stress of my sister and helping Ethan with his Calculus. :) We have no set plans up here, for me I hope that this is a nice vacation away from school world!!

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