Friday, January 23, 2015

December and the Holidays

So know I stopped posting. So I'll write a few posts to appear over the next week to catch up! December went by fast! We went to a holiday event at my work which was way overwelming, but the kids had fun playing in bounce houses, eating cookies and drinking hot cocoa, and playing in bubbles that looked like snow.

I ran a 5K race as a last minute decision and ended up placing 2nd. Won a little picture frame, a gift certificate and then the medals ended up being ornaments which was really nice.

I finished up the semester and we got ready for the holidays. We spent Christmas morning at home and the girls opened lots of presents and then we packed up and drove up north to visit family. We spent 4 days at my dads house and was able to spend lots of time with family. As usual, we all got hair cuts, this time for me, I had enough to chop off to donate (and I added some color).

We then packed up and drove across Canada to see more family. Over the course of both places we stopped in two different Childrens Museum which was fun, and headed to a mall with a carousel that the girls enjoyed.  The girls were troopers in the car!

Of course I am in Boston Marathon training mode now, and managed lots of good runs with my sister and the first run of the year in snow before our journey back to warmer temps!

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