Monday, October 21, 2013

T-18 Months

T had her 18 month check up last week and we have the following stats:

  • Weight 21.4 lbs (I think this was 30th %)
  • Height 31 3/4 inches (This was close to 50th%)
They say she seems right on track with things. I'm happy with the weight as she was tracking in the 5-10% range back around a year, so this is a little improvement. She is still pretty petite and small compare to P, and we can tell she just isn't as substantial as P was, but we are making progress. She cut her top and bottom molars in the last couple weeks so she can finally chew stuff which is nice. I've been so paranoid about that because until a couple weeks ago she only had 6 teeth up front. She is a pretty good eater and she has quite the personality. She is talking more and more, will try and repeat whatever we say and is starting to be more independent. She loves to swing and is overall just a very serious child, it is hard to get her to smile. Happy 18 months T!


Life on the Cremona said...

What cute facial expressions!!!

Alili said...

Oh my goodness, what a doll! My little one is right around the same size. She's been in the 5-10% since 4 months. My petite little bean.