Monday, June 18, 2012


I can't believe that I've been teaching for 5 years already. Time goes by so fast. At HPU we have a 5th year review with the dean and provost to let us know how we're doing in terms of getting tenured (which we apply for at then end of year six, so in one more year). I personally don't think that leaves you enough time to make any changes if you are told that something is wrong and they are trying to change that. Either way, my meeting was last week and it went really well. I feel a lot better about applying for tenure next year and the dean and provost both didn't have much to say on things that I needed to change. The dean at one point said that if it isn't broke I doesn't need fixing. They made one comment about how it would be nice to get a paper published that I had submitted back in January. So since it had been six months since I submitted my article I emailed the journal to ask about its status. Lo and behold 5 days later I get an email saying its been accepted!! super excited about this. I have a few other things going on on the research side of things and hopefully I'll find time to eventually work in them but overall I can't be happier about the way the meeting went and the relief it's given me to know that I'm on track for tenure.

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Rebecca Wills said...

I meant to reply earlier to say congrats on receiving good news about your progress towards tenure.