Friday, April 13, 2012

One week Old

TJ turned 1 week old on Friday. Wow, that went by fast. We seem to be settling in to a routine which is nice. She seems to be a fairly decent sleeper, sleeps in 3 hour blocks most of the night which is good. The past few nights she has done a bit of cluster feeding from 6ish-9ish and then will sleep a little longer, and we end up waking her up at 4 hours to feed again. She is a very good eater, and has a super strong latch, which has been a pit painful over this first week. That pain though is starting to go down a bit.

I've been walking some just to get out of the house and it is so nice right now. But my stitches haven't completely healed, and I think walking 2-3 miles a day is a bit much for them right now. My back is all messed up too. I was having some serious back pain about a week before I had T and I assumed it was labor pains/ect and would go away after labor, but here we are a week later and still in lots of pain. Good thing the sis is coming next week and can work on my back!

We've tried to keep things as normal as possible for Piper. She seems to understand that "baby tay-um" (as she calls her) is here to stay and that she cries "wah wah wah" (like the baby on the bus in the song wheels on the bus). She gives her a hug and sometimes a kiss at night before bed and likes to read books with her and give her her finger to hold. I can tell P is a little off, perhaps a bit jealous, so I have tried to spend a little more time with her, it is just that moving around and up and down is still not completely possible with the stitches healing. Hopefully in a few more days I will be a little more functional in terms of playing with her. EZ has stayed home this week and got lots done around the house he had been meaning to do. And he has been playing with P in the mornings and taking her to daycare and picking her up and playing with her in the afternoons. A little daddy-daughter time which is probably really good for her right now, since it is usually me who does those things.

This pics were taken on Friday when she was 1 week old...she is a mini-EZ:

This was taken today at 1 week at 3 days old:

Reading a story together:

I'm a big sister!


Rebecca Wills said...

Cute pictures!

Mandy S said...

definitely a little Eric!!