Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Odds and Ends

It got really cold out the other weekend so we found a beanie that we put on P and headed to the park. Our weekends usually consist of lots of park time and outside playing. And as usual she enjoyed it.

It has been warm though yesterday and today and today was grilled cheese and tomato soup day at school (yes, how does a 1 year old eat soup...) so we needed to send her in something that could handle lots of mess. Turn out she needed to wear her Math shirt...love it! Yes, I am a dork I know.

Last but not least...tomorrow is the big day. We find out if baby number two is a boy or girl. Yup thats right for those of you who didn't know I'm preggers again. Baby 2 due date is April 9th. P will be a big sister in just 5 months! Yikes!


BriGaal said...

Congratulations, Laurie!

Rebecca Wills said...

Congratulations to you and Eric. The baby news is quite an "Odds and Ends" topic.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations!! I thought maybe you were. I hope you are feeling well. Can't wait to hear if you are having a baby boy or girl.