Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not Nice

At daycare, they try to avoid using the word No, and we try to as well at home. Instead when a child does something like hit or push or bite another child, they said "Piper that is not nice." And then they would say something like "Laurie, tell Piper that is not nice." (if she had hit me or something).

Now we have yet to use this at home, and no P doesn't ever get sent home with a report that she is hitting/biting or anything. But I have witnessed other kids doing this when I drop her off or pick her up. The other day, P was chasing Killer around and pulling his tail and we told her that that was "not nice". She immediately pointed to the cat and said "not nice" (is P language, which sounds more like nah nye), and she even shakes her finger a bit and her head. It is quite funny. We tried not laughing and explaining that Kitty was being nice, that is was her that was not nice. But that didn't work. Now, sometimes she just points to the cat and says "nah nye". It cracked me up last night in the middle of dinner when the cat walked by and there she goes. Too cute.

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