Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Picking Farm

We headed out to a local farm that has animals and a tractor ride, a little maze, some bubbles and a pumpkin patch. P seems so shy when we take her places she has never been. It takes her a while to warm up to any place.

Styling in the wagon:

Oh, goats! Even though we went in to pet them (along with other animals) she didn't want to touch them. :)

Close up in the hay on the tractor ride:

Walking through the maze (she loved the flowers)

Lots of pumpkins:

This is the one I picked:

It is so funny that she doesn't smile in new places. We thought for sure she would be excited to see the animals since she loves looking at books and points out the cow and goat and horse and chickens and everything. She is very go with the flow though and while hesitant she still just follows along with what we are doing. But get her in an environment she knows, like at home or at the playground and she is smiles galore. Last night she was miss chatterbox too and actually said dada and mama correctly and attempted kitty. We are making progress. :)


Life on the Cremona said...

she is so stinkin; cute! that light hair is totally throwing me off! love all the pics!!

Krista said...

Wow - blondie!!!! Her hair has gotten so light :)