Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun on the farm

Little P turns 15 months old today. The words are coming very slow, but she seems to be making progress with mama and dada and doing them correctly along with trying to say other words and sounds. She still loves reading books and we sometimes read about 10-15 a night which hanging out. She has become more picky with foods and gets a bit crazy at the table when she doesn't want what is on her plate. She has started to figure out the spoon pretty well and the fork is slow, doesn't quite understand the stabbing part. She also has decided that all her teeth should come in now so we have the top and bottom molars working their way through (which leaves us with cranky P).

We headed to a fall farm last weekend with some friends. I didn't have my camera, so thanks to them, they took some cute pictures of P!

Crawling through the tunnel:
P and J:
Riding in the cow train:

Wanted to ride again: (looks like she had more fun with him!)

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