Monday, October 05, 2009

Tired and Sore

Every inch of me hurts and is tired. I spent literally all weekend shoveling dirt and planting plants. I seriously mean almost 9 hours on Saturday with a break for lunch and another 6 hours yesterday.

EZ rented a sod cutter Sat morning and dug up strips of sod on the one side of our house, I helped him roll it up and then he wheelbarrowed it over to the back part where he had jackhammered out the rock. So now we have grass back there. While he was doing that I dug up all the sod he couldn't get out with the sod cutter, the part right up against the house and all around our air conditioning units. He also cut up some strips in the back where the patio is going to be. After lunch I started far, 2 rhododendron, 3 azaleas, 1 camellia and 4 hostas on the one side from the air conditioners to the front corner that was a lot of digging holes and filling in with dirt!

Yesterday I dug up spots back around the edge of the deck and transplanted back the daylillies and all the gladiolas around the deck and started my garden. I planted 2 thornless blackberry bushes and 2 raspberry plants, I had 1 eggplant, 1 tomato and 5 yellow squash plants so I put all those in too. Another long day of shoveling A LOT of clay dirt out, since I used all garden soil and a good top 3 inches of soil as well.

Tonight will be planting one more rhododendron, 3 more hostas and 2 emerald green thuja trees (like a cypress on the one side of the house) and one more skinny pencil holly at the corner of the deck by the stairs and then the planting is practically done!!! Did I then mention that all the mulch gets delivered tomorrow so tomorrow night will be more shoveling?? :)

I'll post some pictures after it is finished in a few days.

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