Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Michigan Vaca

I had a nice fall break last week. Nice to get away and have a mini vacation. It started with my great friend Matt coming to visit. We went to a not so great US laser show at UNC followed by a lot of drinking, a great Arkansas vs Florida game, an extrmemely fun corn maze in the dark and then a drive up to Michigan through the beautiful fall changing colors. Then we spent a couple days fishing, a trip to Hell and then into Ann Arbor to try the fragels (deep fried bagels).

After that EZ flew up and we had some family time and then a trip to the Big House to watch UM lose to Penn State. We had great seats and it was fun to go tailgate and to see a game in the stadium but too bad that they lost, it was a bummer.

I had lots of fun and now it is back to work. Here are a few pics from the week:

EZ and I about to enter the corn maze

Matt and I inside the maze

What the maze actually looked like (we looked at it later)

Matt caught a fish!

Fishing away in the sunshine

A stop in Hell!

Yummy Fragels!

Before the game.

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