Sunday, May 10, 2009


So I have a soft heart for kitties...always have. A few months ago I rescued a cat that had been injured, they ended up amputating her leg but I have been told she is doing great now and acting just like any other cat.

Well, about 5 months ago we starting seeing a baby kitty in the dumpster across the street, it was really scared and me and my neighbors would put food out for it. Eventually she started coming to my door and eating and then she starting being really cute and friendly. So I have been working on trying to find her a home. The humane society was going to take her but then things got crazy and now they can't. Then a week or so ago, Eric and I decided we thought she might be preggers.

On top of that we leave for our trip on Tuesday so I was trying to find a place for her asap. I found a vet that would spay her and abort the kitties and this was all going to go down tomorrow.

Well Friday night pepe (that is what I call her) didn't show up to eat. What is going on??? She has come every night to our house for like 3 months now and I was thinking the worse. But no no, she showed up last night minus the belly. Now I had no clue she was that far along. She only weighed like 3 pounds to being with and is only about 8 months old. Well we followed her and found her babies, she has two.

We have them all harbored in our spare bathroom at the moment. :) Here are some pictures of cute pepe and then the so very tiny 2 day old kittens!

Here is pepe with the crazy eyes (before giving birth):

The brand new kittens:

Mama and the kitties:


Krista said...

Yeah for Pepe! Looks like she has gotten bigger since last I saw her. Did someone adopt the amputee kitty?

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hey LZ - just catching up on your blog. You guys are WONDERFUL for how you take care of animals...that is so kind. Thank you for doing that... really! I've got a bit of a soft spot myself... :) Good luck finding home(s) for them - I know that it will all work out!