Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cold and Wet

Dublin is cold and drizzly...

We forgot the camera cord to post some pictures and don't know what it will be like as we venture out of the city tomorrow. I am scared about EZ's attempt to drive on the wrong side of the road, should be interesting.

It took a lot of adjusting once we got here yesterday morning. We both only managed about an hour of sleep on the flight over, they served dinner at 10:30pm and by 2:00am they were serving us breakfast.

The city is pretty neat and we have seen a lot of stuff, it is just cold and misty here. Maybe our adventures out of Dublin will be a little warmer and clearer! Tour the Guiness plant and I had a coke while ez had a beer. :) Too bad I am not a bigger beer fan!

Off to a pub with some live Irish music.


Cor-Weeeeeee said...

yaay. Your trip is underway!! I am so excited for you guys!

Krista said...

Hope you have fun in Ireland! Hope you at least had a sip of Eric's Guiness - can't go all the way to Ireland and not have the local brew :)