Monday, June 09, 2008

The Heat

I know it can't be as bad as the people in the midwest with the rain/flooding/tornados, but the weather here is unreal. It started getting really hot last Wednesday with temperatures about 95 and just went up from there with added humidity, the heat index has been around 110 for the past couple days.

Saturday morning Eric and I went out for a bike ride at 9am and the heat had killed me by 11. We then had a canoe and dinner planned for the afternoon. So we paddled down a river in the heat. Yesterday, since we had spent almost all of Saturday outside, we hung out at Barnes and Noble reading up on some different stuff including maybe going not to Costa Rica, but maybe China or Japan (so Monica, we will have to chat).

The heat is suppose to stay here for another couple days and then we will be back into the 80's-a little more manageable especially since I have my first triathlon in over a year this coming weekend.

The worse thing about the rain. Already being in a drought, not having rain (only 1 inch in the last 30 days) along with the hot sun make for dying bushes and grass.

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Anonymous said...

of course i only have GOOd things to say about Japan. i love that place. it's quite pricey and not a destination where you'll lounge around and relax. but lots of culture and great people and lots to see!!
China might be crazy this year with the olympics but sumner loved hong kong if you're interested.