Monday, June 23, 2008

A day of triumph and trials

Two of my dearest ladybacks competed yesterday in some amazing events.

Congrats to Mandy, who competed at the Canadian Olympic diving trials yesterday in 3 Meter and placed 3rd. You rock and did amazing. I am sure some of you watched her live on the internet and if you did saw her score some amazing 9's on her last dive!!!

And congrats to Sara who competed in her first Ironman yesterday in Coeur D'Alane (Idaho) and was in 3rd place in her age group after the swim (of course) and rocked the bike in 6:47 and ran a steady marathon in just over 5 hours. Total time: 13:00:42, almost breaking 13 hours!!

You two are both inspirations to all of us and I hope you both enjoy some rest from some hard training up to yesterday!

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